Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Bernard LaChance, Oprah, Billy Elliot & Elton John

Good day for proud Canadians! Bernard on Oprah today. Tony nominations for young male lead star of Elton's Broadway Billy Elliot. Both from Quebec! Those French boys...ooh la la. I Love Canada. Watch this video, it's 5 minutes long, but I tell you this: it is a story of taking your own success/destiny into your own hands and not letting ANYONE OR ANYTHING stop you. It gave me chills and tears.....Ahhhh....Brilliant. So inspirational!!! As Oprah says: Innovation and Determination.

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Di Overton said...

I can't believe how well Billy Elliot has traveled across the Atlantic. It is set in a town not far from where I live and the people speak another language (broad Geordie) which they have not toned down at all for the stage show yet people over there seem to understand it.