Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Apartamento Magazine

"What would a post-materialist interiors magazine be like? It would probably avoid glossy, catalog-like spreads and apartments that look like upscale hotels styled by celebrity designers. It would show more old stuff than new stuff, focus on dash rather than cash, put texture, personality and patina above glitz, and aspire to the possible rather than the impossible. There’d be glamour, but it would be the wabi-sabi charm of the much-loved and the well-used. Personality would trump pomp. Apartamento is the interiors magazine post-materialists have been waiting for. In the tradition of magazines like Butt, Purple and Here and There, it lays out on matte paper relaxingly informal snaps of real people’s living spaces, pretty much as you’d find them if you just dropped casually by." - NY Times, The Moment


sealaura said...

fabuloso! Although I admittedly drool at all the glossies, I wouldlove to see this new mag. you always have the latest news!

Cote de Texas said...

i sure hope this is worth is - i just paid 35 dolloras for it. hehe. seriously expensive for a magazine.