Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Scott Meacham Wood of Thane Studio

San Fransico, CA
"Ask a dozen designers to describe their philosophy and you will get several dozen different answers. My design focus can easily be summed up in three words: Style. Comfort. Function.
I pride myself on creating interiors that, while always stylish, also fit the needs of those who experience the daily routines and celebrations of life within the home. I firmly believe that no matter how lovely and inviting the end result might be, if it doesn't function for the people it serves, it is not a success. My greatest satisfaction is when clients tell me how their new space affects the way that they live. In short, I help create beautiful homes and gracious living, without the velvet ropes. I pride myself on offering a variety of design services, cutting-edge style, and impeccable service. Please contact me to set up an appointment." - Scott Meacham Wood, San Francisco, CA
I was introduced to Scott through my California Blogging friend, A Bloomsbury Life and then I learned even more of his talent from my fellow Canadian Blogger (stellar Designer to the stars) Patricia Gray and Mr. Peacock's fabulous interview. Follow Scott's adventures on his blog. (Did you know he was a Stylist for Ralph Lauren for 15 years?)
More about Thane Studio over at The Beach Post, Granny Smith Green and Katiedid.

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Patricia Gray said...

Hi Patti
Scott does great work. And thank-you for your stellar mention of me, you are the greatest!!!