Friday, 17 April 2009

Roll Credits

Welcome to my Head Office.

I am the Blogger:

The Writer,



Art Director,


Production Director,

Copy Girl,

Publisher & Editor -in-Chief of this International Lifestyle Magablog.

(Picture a staff meeting)

I publish my 'Gallery of Goods' (images & ideas) every day, so please come back soon.

Est. June 11th, 2007
I want to thank everyone for coming by in the last 14 days (or so) for 'California Week'. I thought it was fitting to end the week with 'The End' - ha! - I think I had some of you fooled - the header went black - the curtain fell - some adorable blog pals thinking perhaps it was some irrelevant blogging publicity stunt! Alas, it was not. I figured that the movie center of the universe was in Cali, so I better pay tribute to it in a very dramatic and award-worthy way.
I've been thinking lately. Yes, that was the cause of the smoke seeping out of your speakers. It was me....thinking. I started this blog almost 2 years ago with the intention of posting 100% original content. Somewhere along the blogging road, I veered off into the ditch; posting all kinds of content that wasn't (totally) mine.
So now Liberty Post, The Sequel begins. Every day. Same old me. But all me. If you get my drift. Hope you'll still stick around and continue to take this journey with me.
I love you guys. LP xo
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P.P.S. April 25th is important. Check this out.
Roll Bloopers.


Suzanne said...

All you??? Holy cow Batwoman, I'm all in as they say in poker.

- Suzanne

Live In Full Color said...

Can't wait to read the all-you revamped Liberty Post!!!! Thanks for breaking down the credits of running a blog/website... my sister and I are always rattling off all of the behind the scenes thing that it takes to make it happen day in and day out.

Keep it going... cause I always love stopping by and reading what you are up to!

Cote de Texas said...

I thought that might be what the end meant- being it was CA week. I couldn't imagine the blosphere without you. Don't EVER leave!!!!

sealaura said...

I second that! don't leave for favor. I love coming here and I can't get enough. I can't wait to turn in my grades so I can focus more on things that make me happy like your blog. xoxo