Monday, 27 April 2009

Memory Game

Remember when you'd go to a birthday party and the Mom would show you a tray of things and then you'd have to remember them all to win a prize? The Memory Game. I used to love that game. I have a photographic memory (often bad with names...sorry I'm working on that) and now I find myself creating little vignettes on trays around my home. This tray is 53 years old. It was a wedding gift for my Mom & Dad. It has many delicious cocktail recipes engraved on it. Last week Dad grumbled, 'What are you doing with our tray?' - My Mom set him straight, 'Oh for God's sake, you had forgotten about it. She's having it!'. (I just gotta love North American women - they can speak their minds!) Next are the wooden shoes. They belonged to my German Grandmother. They are probably 65+ years old and I treasure their weathered patina and loving history. The little bit of burled driftwood was a gift from my son. He picked it up on the beach about 10 years ago. The watch is a special gift from my Editor who supported me during the writing of my novel. (to be published in June). It was hers and then when I finished the book she gave it to me. (she obviously knew me well as I eye-balled this beauty) The salt-water-taffy green petite-leaf motif tea cup was a gift from my Auntie Ruth. She served hot cocoa and fairy tea to me in that cup and saucer. (it's about 50 years old) The rock is a memento from a hike my husband and I took about 13 years ago. The rock follows me everywhere. The glass paperweight of NYC's skyline and Ms. Statue of Liberty was a souvenir gift from my good friend Kate. She brought it home for me. I adore it so much, you have no idea. So that's one tray. More to share later. O.K. You've seen the tray for long enough! Now look away and tell me what's on the's your memory?


Di Overton said...

Am I allowed to cheat and scroll back up to the picture? :)

Jan said...

Helloo JAN here (remember?)
You have a novel coming out?
Keep us updated please.