Monday, 27 April 2009

How To Date A Stripper

via Can't believe I'm posting this. I just find it very interesting don't you? Who knew.

"Befriend the dancer first. Most dancers dislike the managers and have their favorites among the bouncers. If you befriend the dancers first, you don't have to worry about being one those "creepy" pals of the manager. Don't ask them for their phone numbers or real names right away. Let them give it to you when it's the right time. Give them yours instead. The best chance of dating a stripper is when you meet them outside the club--at the gym, a concert, the store, etc. As has been said, some strippers won't date any customers; some strippers will 'hook up' but not date a very attractive customer, and some strippers will occasionally date a customer they find attractive. Don't be drunk at the club where she dances. Dress nicely and make sure you smell good. If you are having a relationship with a stripper, stay out of the club she's in. Jealousy tends to rear its head, even though the stripper is on the job and needs to do the 'hustle' in order to get an income. She may also feel jealous if you flirt or purchase dances from other strippers. The last thing a stripper needs is relationship issues coming into her workplace."

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Anonymous said...

Wow actually interesting.:) Hope u don't mind if i repost it! So true btw. But add the fact that rarely a dancer will date a customer met in a stripclub,unless the guy is only there for a drink.(it's better to meet out of the club).Dancers rarely like to have a boyfriend who goes to a stripclub to get entertained..when thats exactly THEIR Job (sorry,EX stripper,in a relationship for 6 years with my boyfriend that i met in the stripclub,i quit few years ago :P)..oh and if ONE cant accept it,its better not to date each other then.(Rarely a stripper will quit her job,unless shes ready-hard to quit the big $$.)