Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Have the Happiest of Easters Ever

I've decided that I really need to take a few days away from the blog(s). Time for reflection, family, rest and de-thinking (but really for much thinking). I apologize that my 'California Week' just kinda fizzled out, but I have run out of steam. I will be back next Tuesday with a better 'Cal' week. Full of colour and warmth and inspiration. I hope all of you have the best Passover and Easter. Funny how the 'stories' of tomorrow and this weekend center around Egypt. Part of my heart lives there too. Instead of hiding eggs on my blog for you to find, I'm giving you this link as a gift. (O.K. I'll tell you what it is. It's 7,440 vintage Easter flickr images to enjoy! I know you will find an image that will work perfectly as a printed place card, or e-card or collage...or....)
Hugs and Kisses my friends. I will be back a better Blogger. LP xo


Suzanne said...

Fizzling?? There was some fizzling going on? I must have missed it. HA. Have a good rest. Get your bearings. Stay in your pajamas. Come back refreshed.

- Suzanne

Cote de Texas said...

you need a break? YOU? the one who posts more than anyone I know?????? hehe

have a great one!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Wishing you a lovely Easter! Lots of rest. Lots of joy!

vicki archer said...

Happy Easter and have a wonderful, relaxing weekend LP, xv,

Live In Full Color said...

Have a wonderful weekend off!! I stayed in my pajamas most of Friday- it was awesome!!!! We all need to back away from our computers sometimes I too feel my eyes crossing from too much screen time!

Relax and refresh away! Happy Easter!

corine said...

You? out of steam?