Sunday, 5 April 2009

Clusters of Mass Shootings

Sorrow. Bad Economy. Anger. Jobless. Anxious Grief. Stress. Criminal. Poverty. Uncertainty. Confusion. Hopeless. Depression. Emotional Un-Wellness. What the hell is wrong with people today? Guns must be gone. Vengeance is easy when desperate people can get a gun easily. I am so against guns. Why do you need one anyway? Is this the tipping point? What kind of trade shows are your friends and family attending? Get rid of the goddamn guns.


Marion said...

Right on! Are we becoming blase to the tragedy of this onslought? When will the public decide that people are more important than the profits of gun manufacturers? Do you need an assault weapon to shoot a bunny rabbit? The tragic pain on the faces of the mother and grandmother of the young man in Pittsburgh who shot the policemen is heart breaking. Not to mention the pain of the families of the victims. Shame on our society for tolerating the pressure from the gun lobby.
Marion from Kentucky

hello gorgeous said...

Could not agree more.