Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Are You A Peacock?

Who is being asked by others to join the herd? Or are you an original? Watch this and let me know.

Lovely Peacock.


So Lovely said...

I don't know why but that struck such a chord with me. Tears rolling down my face. So beautiful, you always have such gems.
I am a peacock - always have been. Its always been very hard for me. As I was growing up I thought I was strange and then 1 year ago found out that I was an undiagnosed gifted child - now adult (obviously). Spent my years at school being a peacock but wore a penguin suit to fit in. Did such a good job that I was one of the "popular girls" while at the same time feeling so alone and not myself.
Now I have to go and watch that again.

Wendy City said...

Hello! :)

I am so honored that you added me to your blog roll. Thank you very much -- your blog is delightful!

Anonymous said...

YOU are a true Peacock and I am so grateful. Many do not know your true colours! Stay true to your colours! DO NOT ever put on a penguin suit! We need you!