Monday, 16 March 2009

Gratitude + Award

I have been a bad blogging friend the past 7 days. My Internet was out of commission since Friday and all last week I had some special visitors camping out on my floor. I had to be very careful what I did while they snoozed. Blogging is such a loud sport! Bee is now 3, Joyce Hannah is 3 mos. and Liberty is 5.5 mos. I am such a lucky, loved Bubby. I am also so very fortunate to have such great blogging pals and readers. Thank You so much for all of your comments and friendship. I promise. The house is child-free currently - oh yeah, there are 3 teenage boys playing xbox, rockband, chatting, texting, msn-ing, laughing, farting etc. in the other room - so I am back blogging full force. Oh to be my age (almost 50) still raising children and 3 grandchildren already! Wasn't there supposed to be a break between parenting and grandparenting? I thought I read that somewhere in a 'how-to booklet'.
I've won an award! And the best kind that you can win - one that's awarded by your peers! Thank You Jackie. (The drop-dead gorgeous farmer's wife) I figured it was about time that I accepted and started writing! The rules of the award state that I must list seven things I love, and then to pass the award on to seven bloggers I love to read. I love to read all of you, so if you want to participate, please do so! Here we go!
1. I'm going to play Sean Penn for a moment. I won't be acknowledging my family (and dog) as #1 because that's a no brainer. Right. On to #2.
2. I love the arts. I love culture. Heart-thumping love.
3. I love ice-skating. I haven't skated since 1992. I love the memory of ice-skating. The freedom. The speed. It's like flying.
4. I am addicted to coffee, magazines, blogging and the internet.
5. I love photography and writing.
6. I love cake. It's my favorite food group.
7. I love Canada. I love the world. I love to travel. (I really love Vegas + California + Quebec - yes Quebec is in Canada, but it feels like a country in Europe.)
Big Hug Everyone! LPxo


lifeinredshoes said...

The Littles are far more precious than anything you will find here.
Hooray for Bubbyhood.

corine said...

wait, three teenage boys, okay. then a daughter in Eggypt, then the daughters or sons who gave you those little guys. How many children do you have?

Gorgeous images. It makes me want to rush to my 10 year old's bed and snuggle. (i'd do it with my 16 year old too but he might resent it.)


O.K. 4 children. 1 Boy (25) who has 2 girls. 1 Girl (23) in Egypt. 1 Girl (21) who has 1 baby girl. 1 Boy (13) who has many friends who hang out here!