Thursday, 26 March 2009

Camping in Vogue Again

In this economy, camping is in style. It's affordable, 'green' and healthy. A great place to learn and relax together. A notch up in luxury from Survivor. I do prefer 'hotel camping' or 'hamping' or 'glamping', but I must admit, there is something so nostalgic and fresh and bonding about being outside with friends and loved ones. One with nature, the stars, the moon, the lake - the wildlife; the campfire, the marshmallows, the damp sleeping bags - the bugs!!! Perhaps we all need to go camping this year. It's cool to tell people you are going camping. You can admit it now. (you don't have to hide it anymore more.) A camping revival! Oh what the hell.....I'll say it....Yeah!!!

1 comment:

sealaura said...

i like the idea of going camping but I am a brat and do enjoy hamping more. Will give it a try. :)