Friday, 13 February 2009

Icy Love, Warm Hugs from Canada

More and more, I long for the simple life. Pure, edited, simplified - uncluttered, clean and stylish. I am smitten (I feel odd hijacking this word - sorry Jo - but it is the only one that fits my feeling at the moment) by this designer. (even her blog is 'clean') Pure Style is a way of life - Jane Cumberbatch's blueprint for living in the 21st century. DNA of Pure Style: Romantic, inexpensive, natural, simple spaces, fuctional, easy feasts, homemade, thrifty, timeless, cool, country, family, going green, modern...I received an email today with her lovely how-to Valentine's video. “Hers is an affordable dream based on things that are easily available” - Elle Decoration
Happy Valentine's Day! You know it. I adore you. LPXO


victoria thorne said...

divine flowers...sweet treat for valentines. thanks.

Joanna Goddard said...

these are gorgeous! i am smitten, too :)