Monday, 9 February 2009

Good News About A Bad Economy Week

I will get to the 'good' news I promise (and it's exciting and happening over at Corine's place...all this week), but first I want to comment on an expert's quote. 'Good Morning America' financial contributor Mellody Hobson explains what a recession is: "We typically don't know we are in a recession until it's over." Ladies and Gentlemen, we're in trouble. Deep trouble. In the dark soil underneath our feet. We've known all about this for months and it isn't getting any better. Are we planted in a depression? Could several branches of a family tree end up renting in the same home just to make ends meet? Will we be pruning our spending habits in half just to save the roots of our very existence? Or worse, will we all be homeless, learning how to make chairs out of trees? (that was the silly part of this oh so very serious post) We need 'good' news (week) from Hidden in France. We need it now. We need to begin with a new seed of living that sprouts into a fresh, healthy sapling. An economy that will be shade from the future heat of the world for our children and their children. And the image above. Click on it. We (humans) have a lotta junk in that trunk.

Job loss:

Worst in 34 years

Jobless claims highest in 26 years

Massive job losses:

What's left to cut

The new jobless

Layoffs announcements soar

Unemployment sweeps the nation

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