Sunday, 1 February 2009

The Golden Weiner Award

There are the Golden Globes, SAG, Emmy's, Grammy's, Oscars and now The Golden Weiner Awards. The first 'weinie' award goes to my Father who decided to move my Mother's newly finished 1000 piece puzzle (which by the way I had been summoned to photograph) from the kitchen table to the counter. It was on a sturdy board, but my Father was obviously not on sturdy foot, as he stumbled and the entire masterpiece fell to the ground (in slow motion...oh I can only imagine the scene) and (puzzling) I know - it went back into it's original 1000 pieces. Just like that. Weiner.



vicki archer said...

I am not sure who I feel sorrier for - your mother or your father! xv

Cote de Texas said...

WAIT, is he still alive? :)

too funny! even funnier that you were going to photograph it. I never understand why people think puzzles are works of art. don't get me wrong - I love doing one just as much as the next person, but it IS a puzzle in the end.

weiner award - hysterical.

pia said...