Thursday, 26 February 2009

Don't Write

It’s too powerful.

It might tell someone how you feel.

How you hurt.

What you don’t understand.

Don’t write.

It’s too powerful.

It will show who you are on the inside to the outside.

It’ll blow your cover,your nice reputation.

Don’t write.

It’s too powerful.

You might hurt someone’s feelings.

People may not like your words.

They may attack you, or abandon you.

Don’t write.It’s too powerful.

It might give others hope.

Let them know they’re not alone.

It might change minds.

Change directions.

Change the world.

So, whatever you do,don’t write.

Jen Lee is a student of play who learns daily from the masters: her two daughters, ages five and two. She and her husband launched their family on a Grand Adventure when they moved from the suburbs of Denver to Brooklyn's Park Slope in early 2007. Jen writes fiction during nap time and is a regular contributor for the NYC Moms Blog and Hip Slope Mama. You can reach her at jen (at) jenlee (dot) net.


Shannon Fricke said...

Oh I love those beautiful words...
Thanks so much for the inspiration today - it has touched my heart.

Enzie said...

Your lovely comment on my blog and this great poem, could not have come at a better time. Just as doubt was starting to settle in, you made me realize that my words are not just drifting away, but are reaching others who take the same pleasure in the lovely things that life has to offer. ~

Thank you!