Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Twinkle Life

This is an early morning view of my yard, while the dog is doing her business; watching the squirrels skedaddle as she pees. It is silent, peaceful. Just the lull of faraway waves beyond the frozen shoreline. I think today will be grey again. That is Canada's national colour during the winter. (thank goodness I love this hue) New baby Joyce is inside cuddled in what I like to call her 'Moses' basket, perched and tucked in nicely to the sofa. My daughter is having a change of scenery visiting us this week. My have we been busy! Many of you have sent emails wondering if 'something is wrong' - the lack of posts is merely the sign of a very happy Bubby. Yesterday was so fun. All of us having an Obama Potluck. We miss our Egypt Girl. Hugs and kisses to Cairo. xo More posts coming from this blogger. I will spend this afternoon reading your posts. Back to burping this babe. This is a twinkle life. I am so grateful.


Cote de Texas said...

omg - that header!!!! bubby!!!

looks beautiful, sounds beautiful.
have a wonderful time, bubby.

corine said...

I'm too am floating in happiness.

Anonymous said...

I miss you...but understand! Enjoy the babe(s)

Ang and Cam Hoit said...

kisses to Bubby's house