Friday, 16 January 2009

President-Elect Barack Obama and Responsibility

There is something in the wind - of the theme of his inauguration speech. Have you heard it rustling in the "bushes" too? (no pun intended) It's about 'responsibility'. It's about all of us rolling up our sleeves and chipping in. All of us. Around the world. This First Family is astounding. Magical. Charismatic. Timely. Perfect. But so are you and you and you. So is the pilot who heroically landed an air bus onto the Hudson River yesterday. So is the surgeon who will save a life today and the researcher who will discover a new gene code and the teacher in Cairo who makes biology an interesting subject for young hopefuls. It's about new Mom's who love and love and love their new babes ensuring they grow up to be emotionally healthy human beings. It's about that piece of garbage we pick up and the water we save and the victory gardens we grow. It's about exercising 'every' day and eating right. It's about giving and when you have nothing at all to give you can give a hug or make someone smile. It's about speaking up for others when they have lost their voice. It's about creating to bring joy to the people. It's about remaining open to learn. It's about being lawful and respectful and honest. It's about live and let live. It's about understanding, tolerance and allowing others to live their life in happiness. It's about accepting that everyone is different, yet very much alike. It's about willing to work hard. Together. Together We Can.

253 Photos of Obama here.


victoria thorne said...

dear new best Canadian friend--

am adoring your blog these days: lovely, lovely work...

lovely, lovely post on the wondrous O's

look forward to many more good words

thank you, dearly,


corine said...

I can feel it!!! I'm so excited that i can't write THE perfect post about it.

Marnie said...
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Marnie said...

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