Tuesday, 6 January 2009

The Pinkification of The World

If it is true and they say it is, there are more girls being born now. More than boys. 'They' say it's all the birth control pills being 'pee'd' out into the water supply and then into our human systems - sissifying men and duplicating massive doses of estrogen into our sperm meets egg scenarios. How can we know for sure? Who are we to know the plan, the truth, the essence of humanity? I do believe we would have more joy, more love, more peace, more tolerance, more understanding, more, more, more if more women were in positions of power. Until then, we (women & girls) must huddle together in a dream of kindness and giggling and hugging one another - hoping for the softer side to emerge glorious. Nesting. Nurturing. Upholstering our bombed out lives. Pink is our signature colour. Soon.
Cairo Photo/Art Installlation, Amal Kenawy

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P said...

Right on, sister! Love this post. And love the pink-wrapped Cairene buildings.