Friday, 2 January 2009

Photos that make me cry

He looks all alone.
Will he be safe?
He's approachable. You can ask him anything.
He's down to earth. Giving. Inspirational. Caring.
He's magical. They are magic.


Happy Eyes. Happy Soul.

He loves them.

He has support.
Let's do this. Together.
I've got your back.

Thank you. Truly. Thank you.

Anything is possible.

Dream big. These are the facts, but you can change them.

I'm just like you. We are all equal.

They just overwhelm me today for various reasons. Take some time to enjoy the entire file of Obama photographs. They are spectacular.


corine said...

Really Liberty girl, we cry and laugh at the same things. I have such a big crush on the guy it's ridiculous. He so real, so human, and so open. I still can't believe our luck.. and i am worried for him.

Anonymous said...

He isn't a saint. Get over it.