Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Have you ever considered going back to a life you once had, a job you've done already or to an experience you did before? The point is, shouldn't we look where we are going, instead of where we have been? Do you believe 'there's no going back' or do you think there is 'back to the future'? I stand by I.A.D.T. (I already did that) or I.W.A.G.R. (It was a good run). Your comments to this vague situation/question would help me greatly.


vicki archer said...

I like moving forwards but learning from what I did in the past. I also believe nothing is ever lost or forgotten and one can always return. I am often asked if I will ever go back and live in Australia and my answer is this; I never say never, for now I am very happy where I am but in the future who knows. Everything is possible and going back will always be a different journey to the original one.
This probably hasn't helped answer your question! xv

Linda Lou said...

I agree with Vicki, if you went back it wouldn't be the same experience, and you don't want to change the past, or maybe you do, look to the future, because there is hope, there are possibilities, life is meant to lived with what could happen....and that helps us to dream bigger and better for ourselves.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

I ,personally, think that in this great tapestry of life...that it is not so much linear, as in forward and backward. It is all over, sometimes uncovering and adding layers like an onion skin. Sometimes backward is fine. Important.

There are no rules. Whatever direction you choose. It's all yours. It's all living. No test in the end.

Suzanne said...

Sometimes I think going back is a positive thing because our experiences in the interim allow us to put a new spin on things.

I know a couple that jumped off the fast track together. Both quit their corporate jobs and started an organic farm not far from here. It was great for awhile but certain realities set in and they realized that going it alone without a steady paycheck and the attendant perks (health insurance) was more difficult than they believed. The husband returned to the corporate setting and the wife continued to grow the farm and fiber business.

That may or may not answer your question!

- Suzanne

Di Overton said...

I wouldn't go back for a gold cow. I love every minute of my new life and it is so easy to attain, you just have to look forward with a positive attitude.

Danette said...

I would go back. Not from regret, or nostalgia, but to do it differently, after I have learned from my mistakes. I would want to create a different experience and different outcomes.

Sounds like fun, actually.