Saturday, 3 January 2009

Church of Scientology

I don't think I'm alone when I admit that over that last few hours I've wondered, first, how the Travolta family is coping - and second, what type of funeral customs and beliefs on death they have. The Scientology funeral service tends to be focused on thanking the departed for spending time with family & friends, praising or acknowledging life attributes or achievements, bidding them farewell, and wishing them well in their future existence. I've found a few sites that may help you understand Scientology better.

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Gillian said...

No, you aren't alone in thinking these things.
I popped into the Church of Scientology in NY about a month ago, I was lost on my way to see Katie Holmes was actually located a street away from the church. Looking around the place I was rather intrigued. I thought about going back but time did not allow.
My heart goes out to the family. For whatever your beliefs, they will most certainly be challenged upon losing a child.