Thursday, 8 January 2009

10 Commandments for the President Elect - to Save the US Economy

Maybe it is time to start listening, hearing and learning. First up: Suzanne:
"The issue is actually global recovery. We should be reading and watching as much as we can on these subjects. Watch's a presentation on the Global Economic Crisis. Yes folks, it's NOT all about us. HA. Everyone should be reading all of Thomas P. Barnett they can get their hands on. I've been following his writings and presentations for about three years now. There are many lightbulb moments in his book "The Pentagon's New Map" and subsequent books. He is a prolific writer and genius is global strategy. As Abigail Adams often extolled her children, our personal education in these matters is utmost to our success. We cannot rely on our leaders alone to solve the problems, we must deeply understand the work that must be done on an individual basis." - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

At the 2008 Pop!Tech conference, best-selling author and debt crisis expert Juan Enriquez catalyzed a vigorous debate on the impetuses of the current American economic meltdown – and the immediate actions the country and next U.S. President will have to take to address the situation. Combining information and ideas from many sources, Juan enumerated an urgent, non-partisan10 point plan, to be implemented during the next administration’s first 60 days. Enriquez posited that failure to act – or, in his view, further misguided efforts – run the risk of triggering an irreversible economic collapse that could plague the American economy for decades.

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