Monday, 1 December 2008

This is What's Happening & Isn't it Wonderful

Remember I showed you a mysterious street scene yesterday? Well, here is the answer to my question.
In 1989 the Center for Documentary Studies (CDS) invited photographer Wendy Ewald to Durham, North Carolina, to offer a two-week workshop for local schoolchildren. A year later, with encouragement from Durham school administrators and support from CDS, Ewald started the Literacy Through Photography (LTP) program, working in the Durham Public Schools to make photographs the basis for a variety of learning experiences across the curriculum. Since then, LTP has worked with numerous elementary- and middle-school teachers and with hundreds of children of varying ages and backgrounds. At its core, Literacy Through Photography encourages children to explore their world as they photograph scenes from their own lives, and then to use their images as catalysts for verbal and written expression. Framed around four thematic explorations — self-portrait, community, family, and dreams — LTP provides children and teachers with the expressive and investigative tools of photography and writing for use in the classroom.
The best way to begin an LTP project yourself, is to take one of LTP’s Basic Workshops and to read Wendy Ewald and Alexandra Lightfoot’s book, I Wanna Take Me a Picture: Teaching Photography and Writing to Children. LTP staff members are also available for consultations to help interested individuals and organizations set clear goals and devise practical strategies to meet them. Go here now to see where Wendy exhibited these photos of perfection.

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