Friday, 26 December 2008

Planning 2009

One of the things I do every Boxing Day (since I can remember) is begin to plan the coming New Year. It's an exercise I do because I enjoy visualizing my goals. I love the smell of a new planner. I prefer one that fits nicely into any handbag; a week at a glance vertically - this way I can see the whole seven days with one flash look. I feel more centered and organized this way. I can also see the days that are way too full for my creative liking. I normally think about the following categories: family, health, business, spirituality, finances, creative projects, giving, travel, home, friends, activities, goals, dreams, must-do's, want-to's and what ever else pops in my head during the process. Hop on your bed, turn on some wonderful music, sip wine or tea; sharpen the pencils - even toss some favorite magazines into the mix. Snipping out photos and tearsheets that symbolize your ideas. Perhaps you will do better working on this while you take a walk in your local park or beach. Try not to rush this planning. It may take you from today to midnight on Dec. 31st - just be sure you have it completed by the time that ball drops. Don't be afraid to write down your wildest dreams and interesting, private desires. Do you want a new hair colour and style? Are you wanting to mix up your fitness routine, throwing a new method into your program. What will you do with each child this year? What letters will you send? New recipes? Entertaining? Creating a new outdoor room? Getting the nerve to ask someone for something? This is the year. Here are a few of mine. (keep in mind I'm just getting started)

1. Master making Yorkshire Pudding
2. Host Cinco de Mayo and set out gigantic guacamole bar
3. Make tutus for my 3 Granddaughters
4. Publish a Book ( love this one and this one and this one)
5. Be a better Blogger
6. Get back to Pilates
7. Believe in the sexiest President ever. (yum)
8. Produce an outdoor photo exhibit
9. Change my hair to 'dark blond' and longer.
10. Invest in more photography equipment
11. Celebrate my family heritage (Frederick Law Olmsted was my GGGUncle)
12. Order some signature Liberty Post branded pencils like Charlotte's.
13. Live a handmade life.
14. Plant succulents in aged terra cotta pots. (or I'll use blended yogurt, buttermilk, moss & beer painted onto new in shaded, damp area outside to grow the new moss)
15. Stretch my talents.
16. Find my Bonnie and Clyde for my photo project. (I got the location!)

Well, my friend, tell me your secret plans for 2009!
Oh yes, and thank you Yellow Tail Wine for featuring my blog on your website. (see Dec 13th) !


lifeinredshoes said...

2009, it's going to quite a year.

Linda Merrill said...

Love the idea of the visual goals - may have to do something like that as well! Happy New Year!

Rebecca@Harmony and Home said...

What a great idea to post your wishlist for 2009. I like the links to the books that you like. I have never heard of Shannon Fricke, but love her style. How is that grandbaby of yours doing? I hope well. Happy holidays.

Ngaire Bartlam said...

totally the most inspiring post i have read in a long while...

thank you.. and peace and joy and the most healing of well wishes to your sweet granddaughter.

blog me baby.

Di Overton said...

My baby's Yorkshire Pudding recipe and my New Year's post. You are a true dahling dahling :) Happy 2009 from a very cold England

corine said...

Visually inspiring and wonderful post. I'm writing my plan for the new year by hand since I don't have a computer in my name.
It looks like your 2009 is going to be wonderful,

carol b said...

Hi Ngaire, I like your 3 magazine that you have shown us it is really cool, thank you for your inspiration in scrapbooking last year is was awaresome. Thanks

Anonymous said...

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