Sunday, 28 December 2008

Norbert Rosing and Polar Bear Fever

Majestic. Mythic. The white knight of the north. The loneliest creature on earth. The polar bear. Two thirds...yes I said 2/3's, of polar bears live in Canada's Arctic. What a responsibility! This beautiful animal is now the world's mascot for Global Warming, thanks in part to Al Gore and his An Inconvenient Truth. (Thanks also to President Teddy Roosevelt who adored these cuddly, lovable looking bears - so much so in fact that he would not allow anyone to hunt them - hence the birth of our modern day 'Teddy Bears') Over the last 25 years these White Ambassador's for Climate Change, have gotten smaller, weaker and younger - with shorter lives. (If you can, watch this documentary with your family & friends. Shocking. Wonderful. What the heck are governments doing?)

Arctic Tale - set in the vast snow kingdom at the top of the world, Arctic Tale is a real life adventure from the people who brought you March Of The Penguins. Join narrator Queen Latifah as she follows two very different arctic creatures, Nanu, the polar bear cub and Seela, the walrus pup, through exciting and harrowing struggles for survival. Armed only with their natural instincts and mothers’ guidance, these inspiring animals face countless trials and challenges in a beautiful icebound world that is rapidly melting beneath them. (book a ride on Canada's Tundra Buggy to witness polar bears in person.)
If you want to know who is the highest-ranking champion for the plight of the polar bear cause it's American Robert W. Buchanan. What a man! Learn more here.

Ever wonder how much ice is left 'up' there? Watch is 10 sec. motion graph. Unreal.

Norbert Rosing is the one photographer on this planet who has travelled in risk and threatening adventure to capture some of the best images you will ever see. (some of his most famous ones here) I can only imagine the pages of this book. How lovely. And how sad that the Polar Bear has become the 'canary in the coalmine' - the first to go before we all realize it's too late.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

One of my favorite animals ever.

Di Overton said...

Gorgeous pics, I love a Polar Bear or two. Happy 2009 (I have written a post on how to survive it)