Tuesday, 9 December 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Joseph Mimran Saves Canadian Tourism

Joseph Mimran, Lead Designer, joe Fresh Style, has been a prominent contributor to the fashion and design industry for more than 25 years. As founder of hip apparel and home lifestyle retail organizations Club Monaco and Caban, Joe is well known for anticipating trends and infusing traditional apparel and fashion lines with fresh and innovative ideas. His venture into the home fashions market, as creative director of President's Choice HOME, resulted in widespread acclaim for his contemporary collection of design-driven items that offers incredible value, along with a look, feel and functionality that fit with today’s lifestyle.

Joe’s most recent accomplishment as creator of Joe Fresh Style™ – a new apparel line available exclusively at 44 Superstore locations across Canada – marries his talents for understanding Canadians’ style needs and designing key fashion items at exceptional value for today’s casual lifestyle.

Joe’s career began in 1977 with a family dress design and manufacturing business. With his constant attention to detail and awareness of emerging consumer needs in the fashion and design categories, Joe quickly identified the need for career wear for women as they entered the work force. The result was the development of several luxury sportswear brands; most notably, Alfred Sung. Shortly thereafter, he founded Club Monaco, and later launched Caban, as well as contributing to the Pink Tartan and Tevrow + Chase line of clothing.

With his current company, Joseph Mimran & Associates, he continues to keep his finger
on the pulse of the design industry, providing design, product development and branding
expertise. Joe has channeled his extensive expertise into the making of joe Fresh Style™ – an exclusive line of men’s and women’s apparel offering stylish, versatile looks for every day casual and weekend wear. Joe lives in Toronto and is the father of four wonderful children.

Why will Joseph Mimran (A Famous Canadian) save our (Canadian) tourism during these tough economic times and lagging loonie? Because consumers can't buy 'joe' anywhere else. So, they have to come to Canada! (Who wouldn't drive or fly into our gorgeous country to buy this fabulous Buffalo Check Pea Coat for $79 Cdn.?) Thanks Joseph for joe.

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