Sunday, 14 December 2008

Barging in France

Now. If you are wanting a truly unique travel adventure or a completely new lifestyle, I would recommend the romance and tranquility of barging in France. I discovered these lovely river-houseboats while reading the New York Times this afternoon. Please pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy this short 5 minute video of two retired Doctors who have chosen to float from village to rolling village; where fresh baked bread wakes them each morning instead of alarm clocks. This story reminds me of Pia's life. Oui? (Oh, and in case you've always wondered what Pia looks like...let me introduce her to you!)


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Ah gee, when do we leave??

corine said...

immediately added to my travel list.

pia said...

haha! you spotted me, i'm feeling all exposed now.

these riverboats are divine! its a pity i don't go from village to village on my petit bateau, that does sound rather wonderful doesn't it!