Friday, 14 November 2008

Villa Anna, Follow Your Bliss

In her own words:
"I know I'm opening up a can of worms here, but I'm so addicted to reading the blogs I have discovered and made some wonderful new friends, I figured why not go with the grain and start my own. My name is Anna and I'm from Sydney, Australia. I have a wonderful husband and two darling children Will and Sophie. I certainly don't claim to be a writer, quite the opposite in fact LOL, but I am studying to become an Interior Designer at the ripe ole age of 33 and I must say, a handful of my favourite design blogs have become my new bibles and truly helped me find my way to follow my bliss. My purpose for keeping my own blog now is perhaps some of my thoughts, personal adventures and new discovery's may entice and inspire others to follow theirs :)" - Villa Anna

In my words:
Another Sweetheart (like ABT)
Creative Talent
A daily must-read
(so go-go bookmarkie her!)

Enjoy her favorites and you'll she will reveal her signature style to you.

Oh...I almost forgot..her favorite artist is Janet Hill and I live a few hours from her..perhaps one day I will visit Janet and do a special feature interview dedicated to Villa Anna!

Her Favorite Quote: Follow Your Bliss


pia said...

BEAUTIFUL blog - i just had a quick squizz (i'm not sure if that's an international term, but in aussie lingo it means 'a look-see')(as opposed to a 'quick wizz' which means 'a pee'), but i'll be back to see more of villa anna! I've popped her into my blogroll so i don't lose her! px
PS I don't want your aussie posts to end! But all good things must, I know. :-(

Villa Anna said...

OMG! This was so unexpected! Mz Liberty I'm speechless! Thank you!

Anna *hugs*