Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Yet another reason to get online. You'll learn new words. You will stay abreast of popular culture, slang and the urban dictionary. Case in point: Spooning. One of those little embarrassments. Hearing a word or phrase and smiling like you know what it means, but inside you know you are a complete vocabulary fraud. You don't know what it means so just admit it. If you are too stubborn then head on over to google and look it up damn it. Spooning: "A form of affection between a couple. Where the man lays front to back with the girl. They fit together like spoons." And if you didn't already figure it out. Spooning leads to forking. (ah, just go look it up)


vicki archer said...

very clever!

Julia said...

I love spooning! And forking for that matter :) WONDERFUL images!

pia said...

haha! fabulous. i shall go to this place when i need to know what those fancy new urban terms are. but i have to admit, working in my industry i do tend to find out about these new words well before they hit the urban jungle. come to think of it, i'm sure a few of them were created behind the studio walls themselves. dirty minded creatures we are.