Thursday, 13 November 2008

Poo-Poo Photoshoot

The time to kiss Australia goodbye is upon us. I have some good posts coming your way tonight and tomorrow, so stay tuned for the big finale.

Before we get to that, I thought I would share this photograph of my younger daughter who is due in about 5 weeks. (yes Christmas baby?) Yesterday we had the most incredible day together. She always arrives with a list of things she wants to do. (I'm serious) We had to go get photos printed, pick up her pump supplies (she has Type 1 Diabetes), visit Liberty (now 5 weeks old! and smiling at us....or is that still gas?), go to the mall, go to Value Village (yeah...I found a silver gallery tray for my special spices for $3.99), have tea and watch the Y&R with Nan, pick up my son at the gym and then came the poo-poo photo shoot. What is that you might ask? Well, if you judge an image purely by what you see, then you might think (dirty diapers coming her way), but if you knew the behind-the-scenes scoop, then you'd know that while this photo looks so calm and loving and expecting and innocent...the truth is, I placed her in an area near the back of our property amongst the fallen leaves; an area we would soon discover, much loved by my Golden Retriever. Once she grunted her way to the soggy ground; nudging her back against a pine tree, and posed, she looked up at me and said. "I smell dog shit." And we exploded into fits of laughter. All around us, camouflaged in autumn colours were piles of 'you know what'. Picture it: Hysterical big belly laughs. The 'pee your pants' kind in the middle of a poo-poo photo shoot.


lifeinredshoes said...

Your daughter is beautiful, I wish her a safe and happy delivery. And you know what they say, Shit Happens.

Linda Sue said...

Beautiful! Except for the poo part- I send wishes off to your gorgeous daughter and what is about to hit her...I mean, didn't we all sort of KNOW but then along comes this amazing being and WHOOPS- didn't have a clue!!!

Suzanne said...

The photo is stunning but the "rest of the story" is what makes it so much more interesting and funny! Beautiful pregnant woman covered in dog doo-doo.

- Suzanne - the Farmer's Wife

nadia said...


beautiful, what joy this holiday will bring!

Cote de Texas said...

omg - i love this picture. but I can relate with two dogs. I hate that! I even have resorted to hiring Le Pooper Scooper - they come m w f to dispose of it.

i would love to have been there to enjoy the belly laughs.