Friday, 14 November 2008

Mousey of Hickory Dickory

Mousey, Queensland, Australia: "I'm a bit of a nut really. I like to dabble in all things art and craft and the odd bit of photography. With two kids under my feet, I am kept well and truly busy! Welcome. Grab a cuppa, get comfy and sit down and relax for a while. This is a "no-stress allowed" zone. Here is where I share my many ramblings, my art, my design, and generally the everyday things that occur in my little world. For those that come this way looking for my digital scrapbook designs, you can find my store at Nuts4Dig. If you stop in this way, please don't feel shy. Say hello, share a story, and generally make yourself at home. We're quite friendly around here." - Hickory Dickory

How is it possible that one country can have this much talent? I ask you.....


Mousey said...

How cool!!
LOL I was just over on Ngaire's blog and came on over to check out your post on her blog and here I am too!
Now how to explain my excitement and the 'cool factor' to my husband LOL ;o)

Anonymous said...

and all your nutty friends at Nuts4Digi !!! LOL

OK ... we believe ya Mousey :)

Deb (canpeg)

Flora said...

wooohooo wtg donna :)

Pecos Blue said...

You have a very nice blog too!