Monday, 24 November 2008

Learn How to Knit Video

I've tried. I've cried. I've failed. What's a girl to do?

From the Free People Girls.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Take a class! I've been doing that all this fall, and it's been wonderful! I can do cables now!!!

pia said...

impressive! i knit but i can tell you, not like that! i have never known how to cast on like that (i always knitted each 'cast on', and when she twists her piece of wool thread around for the knit stitch i'm like 'what?!'). Perhaps I learnt backwards, being from down under and all. But alas no! because I did actually learn from my ex's mother in Vancouver! So, I'm confused.

Anyway, go for it girl! It is fun once you push through the tears. Although I can only knit scarves and dishclothes. But still, I highly recommend this activity! And it is cool they have made a video to learn!