Friday, 7 November 2008

Calling All Australian Bloggers

If you are from Australia or you write a blog about Australia (doesn't matter where you live now), please leave a comment here as I would be honoured to feature you next week! Leave a link Dolls (and Guys).

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Villa Anna said...

Well that would be me...Sydney girl here.

Anna :)

corine said...

Sorry, not Australian.

But i was thinking as I went through a backlog of 18 posts you wrote, how much I feel a kinship with you. You and I are interested in EVERYTHING!

Ngaire Bartlam said...

Yup.. I'm an Aussie .. too.. Brisbane girl... Yay that you are covering some Aussies!!!

LOVE your work!
Ngaire (Nigh-re)

Shelly said...

Not me, but I've loved all of your Aussie posts already. So bizarre, I was cleaning out the attic yesterday and found my memory box from our trip there 20 years ago, the best vacation ever!

Mousey said...

Oh look, Ngaire beat me to comment ROFL
Brisbane girl here too :o)

pia said...

Oh there are so many fabulous Aussie blogs out there! Since I'm an aussie living abroad, perhaps I don't count :-(, but I look forward to seeing what + who you have instore.

Aaron Spence said...

I'm a bit late to the party & don't blog much, but I sure do shoot a huge amount of Australia for my website

Here you can check out over 6000 gorgeous high resolution panoramic virtual tours from all over Oz.

Thanks, Aaron.

Natalie Walton said...

Are you sure you're not Australian somewhere in those genes (jeans)??? You've pretty much featured everything I love about Australia, even my home town - Bondi (yep, that's where I live). Great job, Liberty!

Steph Bond said...

I'm too late, but wanted to say Hi and send a huge THANK YOU for featuring Aussie bloggers and creative talent over the past week. Lots of favourites there, and LOTS of folks that I hadn't found yet to provide inspiration.
Best wishes,