Monday, 17 November 2008

Bombay & Co.

The Bombay Company was founded in 1975 and began as a mail order business based in New Orleans. The “Bombay Company” name was intended to conjure up the glory days of the British Empire and the jewel of the empire, Bombay.The company sold mahogany finished reproductions of 18th and 19th century English furniture. Small wooden furniture pieces such as occasional accent tables, plant stands and butlers’ tables were advertised in magazines and shipped to customers in boxes ready to be assembled, usually by just screwing on the legs. In February of 2008 the business was bought by a privately held, family owned company, renamed Bombay & Co., Inc. and is now 100% Canadian owned and operated. I head to The Bombay Company when I need my creative juices topped up. I must admit, I am finding more and more retailers offering deep pre-holiday discounts which is very alarming. Sales were never seen until Boxing Day. The recession is hitting Canada now and retailers are doing everything to get us in their doors buying.

The blue and white accessory pieces are exquisite. I snapped a photo of the ceramic spheres. They are $5 each and make a wonderful statement. I would have taken more photos, but the women working were like hawks; hovering and gliding over me - as if I was about to commit a crime. Don't you just hate that?


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Villa Anna said...

Enticing me with blue & white porcelain is like enticing a child with lollies! Are they not the most beautiful pieces in the world?

Anna ;)