Saturday, 15 November 2008


It feels as though I'm enrolled in the best university there is. Everyday, through blogs, I learn about the world. What's my major? Well, I guess I'd have to say without any hesitation, that I am working on my photography degree. (BBFA = Blogging Bachelor of Fine Arts). My minor is jouralism and magablog (magazine) publishing. I am your apprentice, assistant, intern, student and tenderfoot. I am progressing through your written word and your images. I study the composition. The light. The props. I try to discern the camera settings and if I'm lucky enough, you might even share that with me. I'm a visual classmate. I get goosebumps most days and I rarely want to take a recess break. I'll even eat my B, L & D by your side while you showcase your talent. (I don't even like to take weekends off. How do you do it? I miss you guys.) I proudly wear my letters on my leather coat and everywhere I go, people will ask, 'What's this blogging thing you're doing?'. I just smile, knowing that I am going places. (not those places....creative places) Except this time around, when I go, I'm allowed to do it on my terms and invite whom ever I please with me. (and that would be all my fellow classmates) Are you a student at Blogversity? What's your major?
P.S. I suggest we go to this hotel for our graduating class trip. Can't you just see all of us sitting around that table, sipping hot beverages and laughing. Oh, so fun. (I'm not joking here. I think we could/should plan this.)

Photo: Ace Hotel, Portland Oregon - I love this photo by Heidi don't you! via 101 Cookbooks

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