Friday, 14 November 2008

Australia Week Grand Finale: Pia Jane Bijkerk

My week featuring Australia would not be complete without a post about one of my all time favorite artists, bloggers, photographers, stylists, authors...friend. Pia Jane Bijkerk. Have you seen her post on the Sydney Symphony? And why you ask, would a woman living on a boat in Amsterdam do a post about that? Well it's simple. She's Australian!

A little about Pia
Upon finishing her BFA in film and photomedia some ten years ago, Pia established INDIGO artefacts, a homewares and furniture boutique on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. She spent four years sourcing unique artefacts from around the world, as well as providing an in-store interiors consultant service for her customers, specialising in natural and organic alternatives for the modern home. The store was featured in various lifestyle magazines and local newspapers, and had a customer base that stretched to Europe and Canada. In 2001 she established INDIGO Teahouse in the same suburb, a gourmet cafĂ© catering to the local business crowd. Running the two businesses as proprietor and manager proved… exhausting. Tired & rundown at a ripe 24, Pia made the heart wrenching decision to sell up shops. And after some well-needed time off, she edged her way into the world of styling. Keeping in line with her love of interiors and handmade products, she takes great delight in sourcing and shooting the best of the best for her clients while still remaining resourceful with natural choices coming first. She currently divides her time living and working between Paris, Amsterdam and Sydney. She is a dedicated humanitarian. (Hear Sydney here and here)

Pia has touched my heart in so many ways. She is a wonderful musician (tissue time) and a giving Blogebrity. You will find her talent overflowing and seeping from your computer screen into your soul. She has a charismatic magic about her. I believe that she is destined for greatness.

Pia, Thank You ever so much for writing about Australia Week. Big Canadian Bear Hug!
And so long Australia, until I can visit you for real (or until I get an unexpected & delightful invitation, project or job offer)


corine said...

What a trip this was! You've accomplished more on one blog than most magazine dare accomplish in a year. And then you end with the loveliest Australian girl of them of all. Well, she and Nicole...

pia said...

I have so absolutely adored this spontaneous week of Aussie posts Liberty, and I was gobsmacked to wake up to read the topic of your grand finale (holy smokes! is that really me?!!) this morning, I don't even know what to say as always, I'm not very good with accepting such accolades, especially from you on your incredible blog. After running and hiding from shyness, French Boy has gently coerced me out from under the bed and here I sit, in le petit bateau, saying a very big THANK YOU. (just 'thank you' is lame though isn't it?! sorry, words escape me. i've already sat on this comment all morning) So let me just say this: the best part about starting my blog has been meeting awesome people like yourself and Corine, and making the friends we all have. I swear, the world is a better place for it. And if you say I am destined for greatness (oh I would love to be!), then strap yourselves in, because you're all comin' with me on the ride!!

Thanks again Liberty. A Canadian bear hug, three French kisses, 4 Dutch kisses, and an Aussie pat on the back all coming your way :-) xx

nickysam said...

I find outsider art exponentially MORE fascinating. enoch wickham, 1884 - 1971, began sculpting religious figures and historical figures he admired after retiring from farming, lake damming and land surveying. the statues are large scale, in a completely rural setting, and made from smooth concrete on frames of scrap metal including tin cans, coat hangers, stove pipes and car parts. his statues range in size from 6 to 30 feet so the animals' eyes could light up with lightbulbs and the halos on religious figures could glow at night. the beautiful guardian angel above is 5 feet tall and watches over the family gravesite. this year i intend to see this in person.


nadia said...

i too enjoyed this trip and how full it was- i would hop on a plane with just your insight mrs liberty and know i would be in for a fabulous time!! thank you!

closing it with pia is perfect- she is all those things you write about.