Saturday, 25 October 2008

A 'Very' Happy Meal

Yes, I'm eating late. Enjoying my home made macaroni and cheese with hot french fries. (ya, I know, too many carbs.) Have I given you that recipe yet? Remind me next week. It is comfort food time!

Life is so giggle good right now. I cuddled with Liberty today for about an hour. She is 2 weeks old now. My son got a hat trick and two assists tonight at his hockey game. A 'very' happy win. I watched the Dog Whisperer today for the first time and cried. Oh how I love puppers.

On to the 'very' HAPPY meal I'm's not my cooking. Oh no, it's this!

Q: Wouldn't every woman love to get this toy with a happy meal?
A: Yes! That's what makes it a 'very'.


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Sumptuous! And that ring could do some damage.

Happy meal indeed.

Linda Sue said...

Dangerous header picture! I LOVE pink food! And yes, the Dog Whisperer- the pooch and I watch it all the time and learn so much about how dumb humans are, really...I just posted my tired pooch after a long walk and romp in the autumn leaves. Timely!

the healthy ghost said...

Wuau¡what a fantastic happy meal

perfect bound said...

not sure which I love more. the sparkle or the salt.