Monday, 13 October 2008

This is where you will find me

If I could share with you one single image to describe the place I'd like to spend most of my life, it would be this one. In a gallery book shop, sun filtering in on the back of my neck. People sipping coffee, smoking outside the window; swirls sensual dance. Talking, discussing, hushing; researching, whispering, learning, dreaming, planning, creating, noting. Some glancing, romancing, noticing, flirting, skirting. Tension. Hands stroking paper. Eye glasses on fire. Soaking up the warm inspiration. This is where you will find me. I hope heaven has a bookstore.


Suzanne said...

A bookstore is heaven to me and a used bookstore is heaven times two! My good friend The Anthropologist was poking around a used bookstore one day and stubbed her toe on a box that was peeking out from under a table. It contained an entire set of journals written by an influential Chicago woman at the early part of the last century. The woman was friends with Carl Sandburg among others.

My friend The Anthropologist snapped up the box of books and as a result she wrote two books on the woman's life and a cookbook containing all her recipes.

You never know what treasures lie in a bookstore.

As for me, I'd be like that woman in Fahrenheit 451, who burns alive rather than part with her precious books.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

janet said...

Maybe Heaven IS a bookstore? Especially the way you describe it.

pia said...

Heaven is indeed a bookstore. I'm sure of it. Those pics are awesome.
PS say hi to zach. what a darling.

Shannon Fricke said...

I'll meet you in book heaven!

vineeta said...

Heaven is what you want it to be, so your & my heaven is definitely a bookstore! And lucky you, I LOVE this place you have photographed- sun flitering in yr back did you say, I want to come there NOW!

Mike said...

Paris is both one trip and a lifetime dream ready to be taken in with open arms.