Tuesday, 21 October 2008

PhD in Snow (There will be a test, so you better read this)

I believe that the things we don't like or the activities in life we hate to do, are the precise items we must learn, and learn well, while we are here on Earth.

Take for example: I am a really good cook, but hate to cook. I can clean like the best trained maid, but I detest wasting time cleaning. So really, those are the two things I need to work on. (Kabbalah?)
Anyway, my big hate is snow. Let me explain. I love snow, but hate driving in snow. If I could stay home and enjoy the beauty or if I was involved in snow sports like skiing or snowboarding, then I'd be alright. So this year, I've decided to learn the lesson of 'snow' and lucky you!....I'm going to teach at the same time. By the end of this Canadian winter, you and I will have a PhD. in Snow. Game? Here goes.....

You will love snow. You will love snow. You will love snow. (me chanting out loud...and by the way, this all came about because I saw a snowflake this morning and freaked.)

If you look closely at falling snow, you can see a great many different crystal shapes. There's a lot more to see than you might think! The table above shows the more common and/or distinctive types of snowflakes. Click on the table for a more detailed look, then go here for examples of the different types. This will blow your mind!


hello gorgeous said...

Snowflakes really are quite amazing when you think about it.

However, I am with you. Individually, lovely. In a big, mean pile, a completely different story.

hayseed said...

Hi (from a fellow Canadian blogger) I hear you about the snow! And they are calling for some today. Too soon!!

Linda Sue said...

S'no big deal- got some good tyres, a hefty coat and am ready! Problem is that the rain never quite gets there- just gets chubby ,and melts- rarely enough to justify my all wheel drive with studded tyres and my expensive winter coat. I yearn for snow.

corine @ hidden in france said...

Wait, are you talking about that white thing that comes from the sky? Yes, i've heard of it.

lifeinredshoes said...

It's still cold and miserable and hard to drive in...nice try.