Friday, 3 October 2008

Hither Hills Studio

Please take me away from the harsh realities of the world. Can we? May I? Take you with me to this place. (Thank you Lobster and Swan for inviting me.) With your love I'm drifting and giving myself permission to run, run away. The fridge is stocked and the beds are turned down. The fire is burning. I can hear the waves. Tomorrow we'll sleep in and lounge the morning away with good coffee and laughter. I know a great shop we can visit after we go to the farmer's market to buy our pumpkins. I'm slippin. Want to come?

1 comment:

Lobster and swan said...

He really sells you a lifestyle with each collection doesn't he.

You can picture yourself in the settings how you will spend your days and who with.

Just visiting the site is a little vacation you can take at any time : )

Especially when you day has been as crap as mine! ; )