Tuesday, 2 September 2008


It's important for everyone to have a backup plan. Plan A. Plan B. And sometimes, Plan C. Your skill toolbox should not be able to close tightly 'shut'. It should require you and your best friend's round rump to plop down on it in order to squeeze the latch into place. You will know it is full; good and plenty, by opening it. It should explode. Talents all over the place. Sliding down the walls and dripping off the ceiling. It's not enough to master one thing. Don't listen to those experts who encourage you to do one thing well. Heed my advice: Everyone needs many. What's in your skill toolbox? Have you taken inventory lately? May I suggest running away to the circus? Here's a 670 page companion for you in case your 'greatest show on earth' starts to fall apart. And, here's the bonus. It only costs $200. A lot less than a new degree.

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