Thursday, 25 September 2008


NYMPHOTO is a collective of women in photography dedicated to creating a community of and for female artists & art administrators, in order to span the gender divide that pervades throughout the art world today. Their primary concern is to increase the exposure of theirs & other female photographers and the work they create. The collective is a fusion of industries: the scholastic, the representative and the museum. Nymphoto is a collective of women in photography that provides a supportive community for its artists and strives to send a positive message to the creative world. By providing online exhibitions, curating group shows, creating collective publications and offering an open forum for artistic discourse, Nymphoto remains a trusted and innovative resource for women photographers. Nymphoto firmly believes in the power of community; and through this principle, they hope to equalize the gender imbalance that continues to exist in the art world today. In a society where the zeitgeist encourages ambivalence, Nymphoto hopes to mobilize the art world through good old-fashioned girl power, and aims to achieve goals as unbelievable as the stuff in Greek myths. (Thanks for the buzz on this Dad.xo I know my readers will dig this.) The girls' blog here.

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thanks for mentioning us!
We just announced our first call for entries, find out more!