Friday, 19 September 2008

Let's Go For A Walk

This is my front lawn and you can see the modern
beach house across the street. My place has a lot of trees.
This is my view from our living room and kitchen. (open concept)
A forgotten lawn chair is ready for the last warm weekend

in my neighbourhood. The air is still isn't it? The sun is warm.
In a few hours my neighbour's gate will open and volleyballs will spill out.

We don't like to cut down trees on Shore Lane, no matter

where they are....I like that.
Walkway to the outdoor fireplace.
They're not up yet. They will arrive soon with chilled wine.
Do I require permission to cut some of these?
You can hear a pin drop on the beach. They're whispering.

Tweet. Tweet. Twitter.
When I come down here (it's only about 20 steps away)

I feel so lucky. I sigh and take a deep breath and say out loud

'How did I get so lucky?'

My street, my lane.
My environmental dryer.
Inukshuk guiding my way amongst the river rocks.

The traditional meaning of the inukshuk is

"Someone was here"
"You are on the right path."
This is my view from my front porch.
My favorite beach house. This is the view from

my bedroom window.
My front yard fence. Casual. Beachy. Natural.

Let's go home now for a gin and tonic.
Don't take your shoes off. We don't do that here.
Just come inside and kick your feet up.
You're a real beacher now.
Do you like a lot of ice? I do.
Would you like 2 limes? I love lime.
So...what do you think of my neighbours' beach houses?


corine @ Hidden In France said...

living by the beach is my dream. You're environment seems awesome... but could a california girl survive your winters?

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

I am in love with your scenes...and for me, the thought of doing it with the amazing change of seasons is even better!

Winters...Scminters. More beauty.

lifeinredshoes said...

The modern one does nothing for me, I like my beach houses BEACHY. You live here year round, or just visit?

Pamela Terry and Edward said...


Vie Chaotique said...

I am green with envy. What town in this?

Caffienated Cowgirl said...

oh, it's delightful...I will join you for that G&T...but lemons (the Brit way) for me please :)


Hey Everyone! Thank you again, for all your make my day - I live here in Wasaga Beach all year round so brace yourself for the winter pics! If I lived in California (would you mind offering me a really good job so I can move there?) I would not live here. (except for the free health care)Lucky for us (you) I bought lemons!

pia said...

your neighbourhood is dreamy. love your views, your wanders, your beach. oh how i miss canada.

Abbey Goes Design Scouting said...

lovely! happy weekend!