Sunday, 21 September 2008

Bloggers: Hold On To That Hope

In case you are new to my blog, here's a quick debriefing. I am a Canadian. I can't vote in the U.S. election, but it is my firm belief, as a citizen of the world, that what happens in the U.S. directly effects all of us. Having said that, I embrace the right to express my opinion (I'm not asking anyone for permission) and I do agree with Hidden in France that 'Blog City' (Liberty Speak for blogosphere), has been down in the dumps. They've had 'A Week of Wound Licking'. Perhaps a titch negative - ominous - foreboding. That's alright. We have to hold onto something before we can drop it. I'm just saying....Hold on to that hope. Don't let it go. Don't let this historical moment, opportunity, fall through the cracks. I think he'll be really good for you and for the rest of us (world).

SIDE BAR: It saddens me that many bloggers seem unsure or hesitant to state their political views. We finally have an avenue to do this. No one will judge you, and if they do, who cares. I don't think there are many of us who have shareholders to please. I don't think many of us can get fired for stating our opinions. We have the power to move people, change lives and give others something to think about. If you blog about pretty rooms, now is the time to blog (at least one post or one sentence) about future pretty rooms, filled with people who are free and safe and peaceful and healthy and hopeful...and what you personally are going to do to contribute to this progress.

'All we are saying. Is give peace a chance.' - John Lennon


Brilliant Asylum said...

Oh, how I wish you were an American. I always assumed bloggers were pretty liberal, but I have been surprised as this election gets closer. I posted a humorous, but anti-Palin post last week and it was the first time I have ever gotten any hate-mail. I worry things will be dangerously close.

corine @ Hidden In France said...

I know there is hope left. Too bad it's all in Canada.

But seriously. Obama has to win. HAS to!

lifeinredshoes said...

Peace indeed, we must all make an INFORMED choice!

Topsy Turvy said...

Ok, you've inspired me! May I swipe your Obama poster?