Monday, 18 August 2008

Shiloh and Viv

I have always loved babies pampered in white. I adore toddlers in white. All children should be dressed in white until they go to school. Pure, innocent, perfect. Very unrealistic or practical, but pristine. Years ago my Mom would clean my white booties every night; polish them, soak the laces, buff them. Fresh cotton white cloth diapers. White pins. Tiny white undershirts. This powdery soft look needs to be a law. Who will vote with me?


lifeinredshoes said...

I raised my hand, I love, love, love white. White is the reason that God invented bleach and Oxyclean. I was never afraid of white for my babies, and like your Dear Mom, I too cleaned their little white shoes every night, and loved doing so. My house is filled with white, especially the kitchen, my closet too. I am thinking of you as your little one toddles off to Cairo, take heart.

Cote de Texas said...

Shiloh is the prettiest baby alive!

Holly said...

Good Lord! Could that sweetheart be any more beautiful!!!!! I agree... despite the awful stains, baby's should be required to be dressed in white!!!

Jennifer Ramos said...

She is the prettiest little baby, wow. Look at those lips...just like mom! LUCKY GAL.

Jen Ramos
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Villa Anna said...

I completely agree!! You very wise lady hehe.

Anna :)