Monday, 18 August 2008

Hula Loving in the Country (Canada's Hamptons)

Saturday evening brought the swirl of bats kissing above the lai, mixed with copious amounts of liquor beside a fire the size of a five storey inferno. You see, in the country; a good old fashioned silver anniversary party, everyone is welcome. You may be an outlawed biker, born again baker, just-walking toddler, dancing girl or rough and ready boy. You may be rich. You may be poor. You may have wrinkles earned with years of laughter or dewy skin anew. You are all the same and wonderful and hugged and fed and jigged and horseshoed and decorated. Upon the fresh cut lawn, the sound of grunting pigs, fireflies, green tomatoes, hissing frogs, laps of the Mad River and squawking roosters -you feel happy. Celebrating on the shores of the Mad River is nothing short of goosebump marvelous; a babbling, shallow stream overhung with cedars, its banks lined with ostrich ferns. Several rare ferns, including Hart's-tongue fern, smooth cliffbrake fern, northern holly and green spleenwort, grow further up the slopes. A tributary of the larger Nottawasaga, the Mad River is a cold stream which provides ideal habitat for brook trout that you can see glowing in the sparkling clean water. We are, were at peace. Joyful. Exhilarated and alive. Thank You. Thank You. Thank you for inviting our family to your historic celebration. 25 years. I signed the guest book with two words: My God.

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Anonymous said...

very lovely !! c'est la fĂȘte!!