Sunday, 10 August 2008

Fashion Design in Beijing

The $550 Speedo LZR Racer swimsuit uses ultrasonically bonded seams that fit a swimmer like a true second skin, as opposed to the stitched-up suits of the past. With low-drag panels embedded within the fabric, the suit was designed in conjunction with NASA scientists in order to find the best performing fabric. However, the design also led to a controversial feature: potentially illegal levels of buoyancy (due to a mix of polyurethane layers.) Plus, the suit apparently is only good for 2 swims! Do you think they could design a suit to cover up spider veins, stretch marks and age spots that would cut housework time in half?

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Holly said...

:-) FOR REAL!!!! I guess that's the reason there are these stories of housewives who clean naked... they do it for speed!!! LOLOL!