Sunday, 3 August 2008

Canadian Museum for Human Rights

The world will embrace the Canadian Museum for Human Rights as a powerful symbol of Canada's unwavering commitment to recognizing, promoting and celebrating human rights.
The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is envisioned to be a national and international destination - a centre of learning and history where Canadians and people from other countries can engage in dialogue and commit to taking action to combat the forces of hate and oppression. Located in Winnipeg, at the cross roads of Canada, this museum will be the largest human rights centre in the world, with a special focus on equipping and educating young people to become human rights leaders and advocates. An iconic symbol of Canada - something as dramatic and inspiring as the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao - a magnificent structure, encasing a world-class experience that will be a true testament to the importance Canada, as a nation, places on human rights.

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Trooper Thorn said...

Nice idea, great design and The Forks is a beautiful location. However, it is another example of governments spreading resources thinly. Nearly all of Canada's museums struggle for funding, so why add another to the mix? Build a wing to the Museum of Civilization in Ottawa, or any of the many other outstanding facilities across the country.