Sunday, 13 July 2008

Tornado Cake

The Heat Wave of 1995 Derecho Series - you might remember this. Thousands will.

2a.m. July 15, 1995. Six hours earlier I had just brought my new baby son home from the hospital. We gently laid him in his new crib and then an act of God swept through...unannounced in the darkness. A large progressive derecho thunderstorm produced severe winds over an expansive area of the central Great Lakes and New England. It happened overnight and contained at least six tornadoes that hit. Most centred around the Kawartha lakes area. The strongest was an F2 tornado that destroyed a marina in our town, Bridgenorth, Ontario - and it overturns a houseboat on Chemong Lake, trapping 20 occupants for a few hours until they are rescued. (Just north of Peterborough, Ontario.)

2 Days earlier, on the steamiest day of my life; surely it was 120 degrees in the shade, I gave birth to a handsome boy. So, to this day we celebrate surviving this weather event by eating Tornado Cake. This year is a lucky one: 13 on the 13th. (and still handsome.)

Here is the recipe: Just twirl it all together, like a twister. Sugar Destruction for all.


American in Norway said...

You always have the best stories.... Happy Birthday Big Guy..

Cote de Texas said...

What a story!!!!! The best!!!!

Happy Birthday to baby boy!!

lifeinredshoes said...

I'm afraid I would have to leave out the smarties. A cake with a story. makes me think about my recipe fot Better Than Sex Cake...mmmmm, that's some cake.

Sam said...

that was a great story! and some cake.