Thursday, 10 July 2008

Staggering Potential

Today, 850 million computers exist worldwide, 71% more than in 2000, according to eTForecasts, a market research form. By 2010, eTForecasts predicts 1.4 billion computers will be up and running. And, from 2000 to 2010, the worldwide share of wireless computers is expected to grow from 19% to 55%, which means that over 2 billion people -- roughly a quarter of the world -- could be online by the end of this decade. If you can find just 1000 loyal fans of you, your product, your service, your company, your talent, your expertise, your can get rich. Apple calls them 'apple people' and they probably have more than 1000 now, but they started aiming for 1000 in the can you. By the way, there are probably 60,000+ apple people here in Canada who can't wait until July 11th. Except for the 'Red Menance' issue. (This monopolizer is charging Canadians the most for the iphone...more than anywhere else in the world.) Maybe I'll start liking oranges instead.


Suzanne said...

Eh, I can make a run up to Canada and bring you an iPnone. That way I could taste one of those big ass pies.

Could you possible get service for a phone purchased in the U.S. or is that part of the monopoly?

- Suzanne

Jennifer Ramos said...

i gave in and bought mine here in las vegas....waited LOOONG time. But i wouldnt do it again. The phone is lovely!

Jen Ramos
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